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If you are finding for interesting trips in Cambodia,this website is for you. It provides plenty of information about popular destinations, foods and drinks, resorts and useful travel tips for Cambodia tours. Besides its ancient monument, alluring island with charming beaches, coming to Cambodia, visitors will have opportunity to enjoy traditional festivals decorated splendidly. Come and join with us, you will not be sorry.

Hotels and Resorts

Set in the very heart of Siem Reap yet perfectly placed, Mulberry Boutique Hotel is enshrined in tranquility amidst luxury. With good hospitality and service comes from the heart, the hotel will surely bring you a pleasant & comfortable stay.

Shintana Saya Residence is an upscale unique property in Siem Reap, well designed, hip and tasteful. The location is about 8 minutes Remork-Tuk Tuk drives from town in the direction of the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat.

Things To Do

Long described as “sleepy”, Kampot of today is transforming into a lively tourist destination, with plenty of good restaurants, bars and music to be found. So what should you do if you have 48 hours in this town. Here’s what we recommend.

There’s plenty to explore in surrounding Siem Reap, from rural life, culinary delights, rare flora and fauna to getting in tune with your spiritual side, it’s well worth putting aside at least a day or more to sample the city’s charm.

The following are some reasons why you should travel to Sihanoukville at least once time in life.


Cambodia is one of "hot" destinations in Southeast Asia by its beautiful landscapes and rich culture. Here are a few reasons why the country should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Anywhere you find tourists you find scams. And there are plenty of scams in Cambodia! By knowing what scams in Cambodia exist and the easiest ways to avoid them, you can stay scam free on your visit too.

Scams are prevalent across the globe, and in Cambodia it’s no different. It pays to be alert to avoid tainted travel experiences. Here are some common scams to look out for.

If it is your first time, here are some essential things you need to know to have a fun and safe trip in Cambodia.